Car Trunk Organizer. Collapsible Heavy Duty Nylon Material with Sturdy Compartments and pockets.

Car Trunk Organizer. Collapsible Heavy Duty Nylon Material with Sturdy Compartments and pockets.

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About The Product
  • HEAVY DUTY AND STURDY: Made with Nylon fabric, our Trunk Organizer’s sidewalls, base plate, and partitions are made to hold those newly-bought groceries. Your new folding storage tote bag is suitable for most small or large cars including: Audi, BMW, Subaru, Nissan, VW, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler.
  • TWO LARGE-SIZED PRIMARY COMPARTMENTS & NUMEROUS SIDE POCKETS: Go ahead and toss in your Groceries, Tools, Kids Toys, Cleaning Supplies, office paperwork, document, accessories and more! With well-sized Velcro compartments there is always room for your tissues and more. Place your screwdrivers in a side pocket and screws in another. Great to separate and manage everything for your child. Now, you only have to look in one place.
  • QUICK SET-UP AND EASY HANDLING: Have you had enough of items falling out of your grocery bags or you just need more organization in your car or home? Just unclasp the buckles, unfold, and place your groceries in any compartment and know they will stay that way until you arrive home. With the heavy duty handles, you can carry multiple bags with just a pair of hands saving you time and effort in your busy life.
  • FREE NON-SLIP DASH MAT: Keep items comfortably within your reach. Stick your mobile phone or other items firmly to the pad rather than in the center console. Keep your items high and securely mounted on your dashboard. Just lay the pad on your dashboard, and start mounting your stuff to your convenience.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE: We are so confident you'll love your Trunk Organizer that you receive our famous no questions asked LIFETIME warranty. Click the “Add to Cart” button now and enjoy this NO RISK opportunity today.

Sturdy and rigid side walls, base plate and partitions ensures that the items you “organize” stays in place. Fragile items, are kept safe; food items don’t get mixed with cleaning supplies - no more food items that smell or taste of soap!

Keep your car trunk neat at all times. With the huge storage capacity, your Car Lovers Care Car Trunk Organizer allows you to keep more items stashed and off the other parts of your car. More free space, more place for your family or friends to stretch out, relax and enjoy the ride.

Have a peace of mind, knowing all your other tiny items are safely kept. No more rigorous “treasure hunts” inside your car for your fallen knickknacks! Just stick them in one of your Car Lovers Care Car Trunk Organizer’s side pockets, forget about it and enjoy your favorite soundtracks with your friends on the road instead.

Done transferring your groceries into the fridge? Simply collapse, snap-shut the buckle, and set your organizer aside. It’s amazing how something this heavy-duty can be so compact.

You don’t have to go thru the horrors of balancing huge piles of items without good grips. With your organizer’s heavy duty handles, you can easily and safely carry your groceries, tools and whatnot. No more toppling items, nor more tedious gathering and picking up of your fallen stuff.

Have your organizer ready in seconds. The design is so straightforward and yet so versatile, you won’t need to struggle with loads of straps or clasps before you can have your organizer up and ready to use.